Thursday, 20 December 2007


After the storms in the morning our canyoning trip was put back until the afernoon. As it happened, this was the ideal outcome as by midday the menacing storms had blown down the valley to be replaced by blue skys and the occasional fluffy cumulus. After collecting our moth eaten and battered wetsuits and tasteful footwear we were shepherded into a waiting flatbed pickup with our canyoning companions. After a bumpy ride down the Rio Pastaza we were dropped at the head of the trail to begin a short but vigorous ascent to the top of the trail.

After cooling off in a small waterfall we were attached to our first rope descent and left to work it out for ourselves. Over the course of the next two hours we made five exhilarating abseils down progressively bigger and more slippery waterfalls. After some initial nerves Sarah took to canyoning like a proverbial duck to waterfall. You´ll see from some of the pictures on my Flickr site that Sarah rarely lost her broad grin as she edged her way bravely down. After a short wait at the base of the falls for our ride back to Baños we were whisked back up the valley to shower and get ready for dinner. Despite the cold that I seem to have picked up over the last couple of days the food at Casa Hood was the best tasting so far (a chicken and coconut milk curry).

This morning we have been busy packing bags for a short trip back up the Pan-American highway to Latacunga before we head West to the Black Sheep Inn for Christmas. We should be able to check our email in Latacunga but the week after may be more tricky as we will be in a fairly remote outpost.

I have noticed that some of my Photos are not rendering properly on my Photo Pages so you may need to go directly to my Flickr page.

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