Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Building out the content

The last few days I have fairly busy closing up a piece work but I am now able to make a little progress on the site. Sarah is definitely holding up the fort in terms of the practicalities of preparation for the trip (booking doctors appointments to get antibiotics, organising banking arrangements, etc.). This weekend we have deliberately not planned too much to make sure that we break the back of the big tasks before we enter the last couple of weeks. On task that I never look forward to is preparing my tax many documents and mind numbing form filling...still, it needs to be done before we go.

On the website front, I think that both Sarah and I are almost there. We have had a few teething troubles along the way but I think we are now almost there. The site is up and running and the content updates are almost complete. It will be good to have it in a state where all we have to do is make blog updates and upload photos.

I hope to close out the photographic equipment preparation soon as well. I am keen to make sure that I am able to take HDR ready images even if I have to wait until we get back to process them. The trouble is, it may require a more robust tripod and I am reluctant to traipse around South America with the
strapped to my rucksack. We have bought a vary cool
(sounds less practical than it is). I will try and take some test shots on it to see how well it works. I am also trying to work out which pst processing software package to go with. There are a number of options but it seems to be down to
. More on this later.

Back to work...

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