Monday, 5 November 2007

We are up and running...with a few niggles to iron out

Well...the publishing issue was down to version 3.6.4 not being fully Leopard compliant. I think that there are still a few problems for Realmac to sort out before it is truly Leopard ready...especially with the blogging and photoposting functionality. These should come through with version 3.6.5. It also looks like Version 4 will be coming before the new year.

Anyway, after working through some setting questions on the FTP side (I needed it to operate through a 'public_html' sitepath) we are now up and live on the web.

Given that noone knows the address, there isn't a problem with the content being undercooked. However, the next few weeks will be about pulling together a good suite of content and making sure that we have full blogging, comments and photoposting solutions in place.

I appear to have solved the remote blogging to solve the comments issue.

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